Skits on CD!
Volumes 1 - 6 are pre-recorded on CD, require only 2 puppets, and include printable
script files.
VOLUME 2 - 15 skits relating to Creation through Jacob
Volume 2 topics include: Littering, Lying, Ridicule, Sin Makes God Sad, Keeping      Promises, Moving,
Deceiving, Selfishness, Patience While Waiting, Being Trustworthy,   Greed, Taking Matters Into Our
Own Hands, Trickery, Forgiveness
VOLUME 3 - 15 skits relating to stories about Joseph and Moses
Volume 3 deals with Jealousy, God Is In Control, Diligence, Run From Sin, Seeking Revenge, Have a
Good Attitude, God Has a Plan for Every Life, Trust God When You Are Scared, Things Don't Bring
Lasting Happiness, Obedience, Remember God's Goodness, Sharing, God Speaks Through the Bible,
Volume 4 - 20 Skits applying lessons from the Bible stories of Joshua, Gideon, Samson,
Ruth, Hannah, Samuel, Saul, David, Solomon, Elijah, Elisha, Naaman, Esther, Daniel, and
These skits include the following topics: idols, relying on God’s power, resisting sin, riches,
teasing, helping, peer pressure, disobedience, courage, obedience, returning good for evil,
loving God, discouragement, respect, pride, character, putting God first, worshipping God,
jealousy, and facing problems
Volume 5 - 20 topical skits using 2 monkeys or chimps.
Topics include: be thoughtful, obey parents, don't steal, don't bring toys to church, Jesus is the Way,
Jesus loves us, missions, love God, tattling, love enemies, don't be selfish, repentance, self-control,
pride, return good for evil, trust God, school worries,Valentine's Day, obey right away and don't argue.

This CD comes with the JUNGLE STARTER SET: 2 CHIMPS & CD 5 FOR $62.99!
Volume 6 - 16 topical skits featuring a dog and another farm animal (lamb, horse, goose, goat, etc.).
These skits apply lessons Dusty (the dog) & Dixie have learned from the Christian farmer and his
family. Topics include: accusations, hidden sin, obedience, patience, respect age, children in
wheelchairs, sympathy (death), go to church, God made you, responsibility, respect in church, honor
parents, afraid of the dark, stealing, friends, Thanksgiving Day.

This CD comes with the FARM STARTER SET:  DOG AND ANIMAL PUPPET & CD 6 - $62.99
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VOLUME 1 - 20 skits to complement stories on the Life of Christ
Topics include: Christmas, Beware of Strangers, Jesus Understands Our Problems, Temptation, God
Never Changes, Choosing Good Friends, Thankfulness, Sensitivity Toward Children with Disabilities,
Jesus is Our Best Friend; Consequences for Sin, Sharing, Being Scared, Prayer, Failures, Plan of
Salvation/Easter, Heaven, Jesus is Everywhere
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