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Dig Down Deep
Listen to "Penny in My Pocket" from
Dig Down Deep CD
Listen to "Absolutely Nothing" from Dig
Down Deep CD
Believin' On
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Listen to "Absolutely Nothing" from Dig Down Deep CD
Dig Down Deep
Listen to "Penny in My Pocket" from Dig Down Deep CD
Listen to "Rain or Pour" from Dig Down Deep CD
Listen to "Job's Ballad" from RPM 2
Listen to "Heavenly Streets" from RPM2
Listen to "Adam's Family" from RPM2
Christian Parodies of Popular Tuens Vol 1 CD Y Not 2 Day (YMCA) Pharaoh, Pharaoh (Louie, Louie) I'll Be There Come on Christian Get on Fire (Light My Fire) All I Wanna Do Heavenly Pie (American Pie) I'm a Believer The Great Pretender I'll Get a Crown (I Get Around) Lean on Him (Lean on Me)
Christian Parodies of Popular TV Themes He'll be There for You (Friends ) The Adam Family (The Addams Family) Noah's Theme (Gilligan's Island) Abram's Green Pastures (Green Acres ) Jacob and Esau's Theme (The Patty Duke Show) Moses' Theme (Laverne and Shirley) Samson's Theme (George of the Jungle) David's Theme (Davy Crockett) The Ballad of Job (The Beverly Hillbillies) Elijah's Movin' on Up (The Jeffersons) Jonah's Theme (Flipper) Mary and Joseph's Theme (The Brady Bunch) The Prodigal's Theme (Welcome Back Kotter) Peter's Theme (The Greatest American Hero) Pentecost Junction (Petticoat Junction) Paul: Sacred Agent Man (Secret Agent Man) Hey Hey We're the Christians (The Monkees) Heavenly Streets (Sesame Street) Are You Ready for the Rapture? (Monday Night Football) Where Everybody Knows Your Name (Cheers)
Christian Parodies of Popular Tunes Vol 3 CD Power of God (Power of Love) Don't Worry, Trust Jesus (Don't Worry, Be Happy) It's a Jungle Out There (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) Everybody Praise Now (Everybody Dance Now) God's Love (Good Lovin) Beep Beep For the Longest Time The Broad Way (On Broadway) Return to Jesus (Return to Sender) We're Gonna Read the Bible (We Didn't Start the Fire)
Christian Parodies to Popular Tunes Vol 4 CD Love is a Wonderful Thing Walk Like a Christian (Walk Like an Egyptian) My God (My Girl) Help Me Jesus (Help Me Rhonda) His Love Will Go On (My Heart Will Go On) Tell God About It (Tell Her About It) I Will Follow Him Payin' Your Tithe (Stayin' Alive) Put the Love of God in Your Heart (Put a Little Love in Your Heart) Sanctuarian Rhapsody (Bohemian Rhapsody)
Christian Parodies to Poplar Tunes Vol 5 CD He Loves You (She Loves Me) Believe I Want It God's Way (I Want It That Way) Turning Christianese (Turning Japanese) The Way He Loves Me (The Way You Love Me) I Still Haven't Got What I'm Praying For (I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For) Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Boat (Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head) All Prayed Up (All Shook Up) Wake Up Lazy Christrian (Wake Up Little Susie) Take My Sins Away (Take My Breath Away)
Christian Parodies to Popular Tunes Vol 6 CD Give Me Some Blessin' (Give Me Some Loving) Walking with the Son (Walking on the Sun) Let Him Be There (Let Me Be There) Fifty Ways to Follow Jesus (Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover) I Can See Clearly Now (I Can See Clearly Now) Preacher Man (Candy Man) Be My Savior (Be My Baby) Put Me in, Coach (Center Field) Stuck in the Nursery with You (Stuck in the Middle with You) Hey, Job (Hey, Jude)
Christian Parodies to Popular Tunes Vol 7 CD With Arms Wide Open Are You Gonna Go His (My) Way? Streets of Gold (Fields of Gold ) Hold His Hand (Hold My Hand) Ready To Go God Works in Mysterious Ways (Mysterious Ways) You Give God a Bad Name (You Give Love a Bad Name) Let's Get Spiritual (Let's Get Physical) A Change Would Do You Good Stand
Christian Parodies to Popular Tunes Vol 8 CD Whole Lotta Praisin' Goin' On (Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On) (God Loves) Everyday People How Sweet it is to be Loved by You What I Like About God (You) Salvation (Vacation) You Don't Mess Around With Sin (Jim) Manic Sunday (Manic Monday) Standing on the Rock (At the Hop) Time After Time Sweet Home Up in Heaven (Sweet Home Alabama)
Christian Parodies to Popular Tunes Vol 9 CD Higher and Higher (Higher and Higher) Stock the Boat (Rock the Boat) Witness in the Streets (Dancing in the Streets) Washin' My Sins Away (Twistin' the Night Away) Pharisee (Refugee) Just What I Needed to Know (Just What I Needed to Know) The Savior's Love (The Game of Love) Wake Me Up When the Sermon Ends (Wake Me Up When September Ends) You Must Be Born Again (Won't Get Fooled Again) Where the Broken Hearts Go (Where Do Broken Hearts Go?)