Puppets are the #2 teaching (second
only to video) and we make it easy!

Big budget or small budget, we can help you add
this exciting tool to your program.

Affordable puppets and skits pre-recorded on
CD get your puppet team ready to perform right
Pre-recorded skits for a great performance every time.
We specialize in Christian, preschool puppet skits and songs.
E-mail us for ideas on what would work best for your program.
Our puppets are inexpensive and light weight!
We encourage you to use teens and elementary aged children as puppeteers - it can be a great first
ministry for them.  Your younger children will be delighted with the performances and your
dependence on adult workers will shrink.
Our puppet skits and music are on CD so they are easy to use anywhere.
You won't have to worry about stumbling readers, missed lines, sound complications - your
audience will hear the message clearly and you can change puppeteers on the spur of the moment.
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Educators and Ministries get a
10% discount on ALL purchases.
We recognize individuals who volunteer for mission
trips and service in their church as ministers and we're
happy to give our discount to you!
Listen to "Penny in My Pocket" from Dig Down Deep CD
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